Psyllium’s Goal

Win-win teamwork with client for long-term productive relationship.


Clients Still Talking!

I was looking for some finance money for a new concept of a Laundromat. The equipment cost were over $200,000 and I did not have a strong credit score. Rosanne jumped in and found me the best deal she could and never once told me it could not be done. She is amazing. Tom Graham

All Star Laundromat

Thank you for all you have done. We really appreciate your helping us get the financing we need for our restaurant. This means so much to us that someone really cares to get the financing where other companies wouldn’t. We are so happy to have you representing us. And know it was all your hard work that got us this loan. We will pass your name on to others. Thank you again for making our dreams possible. It took four years to finally make this happen!

Susan and Michael Dillon Ono-Licious

LLC Henderson, Nevada

They take the time to care. Customers are not “customers”; they are people and businesses that they sincerely want to assist with their financial needs. You will not be a customer; you will be a business partner with someone that has your best interests as their primary objective. Joseph Bonanno