DID YOU KNOW that 2 out of 3 pieces of equipment in the United States are purchased through a lease? WHY? – Companies are realizing the many benefits of using leasing as a means of acquiring the equipment for their business. From improved cash flow to increased tax deductions, Leasing provides these companies with the means to acquire the equipment needed to operate, with flexible terms for every budget.

Working Capital

Has a Variety of Different Programs:

Term Loan up to 1O years - 5OO+ FICO OK
  • This is available ta clients with a 500 FICO and above
  • This is a monthly payment ACH type loan and can be funded in as fast as 24-48 hrs
  • High cost loan that is sometimes the only option for clients but still good if they only want a monthly payment and have a fast return and can pay it off
  • Prepayment Option Available and encouraged
  • Only available in certain states
Term Loans 2-5 years
  • This is available to clients with a 600 FICO and above
  • This rs a monthly payment with an Interest rate from¬†8%-12%
  • This typically takes 2-4 weeks to fund
  • Prepayment Options Available

Accounts Receivable

Tired of waiting 30, 45 or 60 days for your money? Factoring your receivables can accelerate your cash flow. We convert your receivables into cash!  We do all collections; you decide which accounts you want to be involved. We hope to help you with any of your financing needs in 2016. lt would be a pleasure to serve you.